How to treat yourself with kindness

How to treat yourself with kindness

We make such an effort to treat others around us with kindness, but what about ourselves? We asked the experts about what we can do to ensure we approach every day with kindness to ourselves. 

Love yourself

“Our behaviour is the expression of our beliefs. The challenge is, most of us aren’t taught how to explore what we believe, particularly when it comes to who we perceive we have to be in order to be loved. The key to changing the way we think and feel about ourselves lies within. Harsh and judgmental self-talk will never foster self-love and can make taking care of ourselves quite a battle. Treat yourself gently and with kindness. Explore your inner world with curiosity instead of judgment. If you knew who you truly were, the absolute miracle that we all are, you would be in awe of yourself. In times of overwhelm or uncertainty, come back to this.”

– By Dr Libby, nutritional biochemist, author and speaker

Tune in

Auckland psychotherapist Catherine Healy works with emotional issues, taking her cues from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now. She explains how to tune into your body and ignore the self-talk.

True self-love, and the ability to love others, is found by accessing the stillness and peace within oneself. This stillness is present inside us all but is usually obscured by thinking. However, this deeper intelligence cannot be known through thinking, analysing, judging or worrying.

Thinking tends to dominate our lives, and bodily communications – such as sensations, feelings, emotions, aches, pains and tiredness – are frequently ignored or dismissed instead of being interpreted
as vital sources of information.

Our thoughts are shaped by individual experiences and are far from the truth about ourselves and others, yet our tendency is to take them as gospel. Thoughts go off on tangents, creating stories, most often with unhappy endings. This can breed self-hatred, anxiety, depression, ill health, relationship issues and more.

Try this

Take time to tune into your body and notice and acknowledge sensations, such as a knot or butterflies in your stomach, tightness in the chest and aches and pains in the body, or emotions such as sadness, happiness, fear or anger. Try to allow whatever is present to be, without judgment or analysis (keep your head out of it). This will bring you closer to self-awareness and help to provide access to the place of peace and love within.  

Poem by: Cleo Wade.

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