My Food Bag is loaded with fresh, local ingredients and includes delicious, easy-to-cook dinner recipes whether you’re cooking for one person or a family of five, vegetarian or gluten-free – there’s a Bag to suit. 

You get everything you need to make delicious dinners for the week: free-range meat, fresh vegetables, herbs, marinades, right down to the right amount of spice mixture (which we provide in little packets).

So you don’t have to think of what to cook for dinner, don’t have to go food shopping, and you don’t even have to worry whether it’s healthy because we look after all that for you!

Every week our development kitchen (a talented team of cooks, chefs, nutritionists and dietitians) creates delicious, healthy, easy-to-follow recipes.

Then our buying team sources the best possible ingredients and fresh produce to deliver to our customers. It all then gets packed into bags and delivered to you on a Sunday or Monday.

Every day we get feedback from our amazing customers about how My Food Bag has changed their lives.

Kids are eating more vegetables and trying new foods, families are eating together around the table more often, people are eating healthier and saving money on grocery shopping, and a lot of people say it has even saved their marriage because they’re now cooking together and spending more time with each other! (my husband now cooks at least half our dinner meals – true story!)

In any week, you can expect delicious recipes such as Cajun Chicken Schnitzel with Kumara ChunksShaking Beef Salad with Brown RiceSpiced Lamb Rump with Pesto-Smashed Potatoes and Cos Salad, and Pan-Fried Haloumi with Golden Beetroot Salad.

We also have Fresh Start, an option perfect for those wanting to lose weight. All the meals are perfectly portioned at under 450 calories and are packed full of fresh vegetables and lean protein. We’ve also reduced the carbohydrates and removed all refined-sugar to help you shed unwanted weight.

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