How to throw the ultimate breakfast picnic this weekend

How to throw the ultimate breakfast picnic this weekend

A weekend breakfast picnic is a welcome change of pace from busy weekday mornings. Feed the family and indulge in nature with my simple, nourishing recipes for little ones and big kids alike.

When spring arrives and the days start getting lighter and warmer, one of my first thoughts is: “Picnic time!” The grass is green, the temperature is perfect – not too hot, not too cold – and daffodils are in bloom everywhere, making an idyllic setting for some al fresco eating.

I love the relaxed nature of simply picking a spot, parking yourself on a blanket on the grass and digging into a basket of delicious food. Picnics are such a fun, economical way to enjoy a meal with friends or family, and in New Zealand we are so lucky to have the best parks and views to enjoy for free.


With temperatures still brisk in the morning, warm food and drinks provide the ultimate comfort while lazing around and taking in nature’s beauty. Prepare hot spiced drinks the night before and leave the flavours to develop before reheating on the stove and pouring into a Thermos just before you leave.

Muffins, too, will last perfectly well if made the day before, while an indulgent (but healthy) yoghurt, fruit and granola jar can be quickly assembled in the morning using simple ingredients piled in layers for a visually splendid start to the day.


Of course, the star of our spring picnic is the breakfast pie, which can be made in advance and warmed in the oven before you go. It’s lip-smackingly delicious and so moreish you might need two!

Photography by: Todd Eyre.

Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim

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