Travel blogger Carmen Huter on wellness, living the dream and the power of tea

Travel blogger Carmen Huter on wellness, living the dream and the power of tea

We meet with travel blogger Carmen, 24, as she explains how she got her dream job and what wellness means to her.

I grew up in a town of just 10,000 people, I thought it was a big city – turns out it really wasn’t! I came to New Zealand to study English and the school I was at went into receivership after two months, causing me to lose my visa. I started travelling and fell in love with the country, and also the idea of travelling. I finished my degree in Christchurch, went back to Austria, packed up my things and bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand. That’s where it all began – that was five and a half years ago. I told myself, if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Now every day is different.

I have to come to realise that wellbeing starts from within. It’s more of a mindset that anything else – and treating your body the right way. I’ve been vegan for three years and it’s definitely helped me in my physical wellbeing. Eat well, make your own food, and dial things back a bit. Spend more time doing yoga, meditating and practicing gratitude. For my mental wellbeing, nothing can beat good friendship: telling your friends that they’re good friends, telling your partner that you love them. It’s very much about the little things. I often have friends round for a cup of tea, it’s just a nice way to see people. Tea is a ritual and it brings people together, which you don’t get a lot these days.

Favourite wellbeing quote 

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” – Allan Watts. I think this is a great saying about life.

A few weeks ago, at Papamoa Beach, my boyfriend and I were camping and I almost missed the sunrise, I was yelling at my boyfriend to get up. We were just running around on the beach in our pyjamas!

Mindful moment

The first thing I do in the morning is try to stay mindful for a couple of minutes, breathing or meditation, whatever I feel like on the day. Then I switch the kettle on. When I’m travelling, I have a camping mug and a jet boil kettle so I can always enjoy my cup of tea – my new go-to is Bell White Tea. I love to see the sunrise and the sunset with a cup of tea warming my hands, it’s such a nice way to bookend the day.

My travel essentials whilst on a shoot 

Now including my new favourite, Bell White Tea, Lemon & Honey flavour. I like to add a slice of lemon, it’s just so good.

Words by: Emma Clifton.

Photography by: Vanessa and Michael Lewis.

Sponsored by Bell Tea Co. 

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