Say no to cabin fever – ways to get out and about when it’s chilly

Say no to cabin fever – ways to get out and about when it’s chilly

Brave the elements 

Say no to cabin fever by keeping active when the weather is chilly. Rug up, pack a picnic and head out on the road. Spend an afternoon beachcombing or take a stroll in your local park. Even when it’s drizzling, the fresh air will invigorate you.

Go swimming 

“I have dipped in the gelid waters of the Arctic Circle in Norway, relished a refreshing stretch-out swim in the lakes of the Flinders Ranges of Australia, and been thwarted by my desire to cross lakes in Sweden. I’ve luxuriated in the warm ebb and flow of a summer Aegean Sea and shivered in the gut-wrenching cold of a winter’s Atlantic swim… Every swim is an adventure, forming indelible memories; you will never forget a wild swim.”
– From The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming: Reflections for Zen Seekers
by Tessa Wardley

Get away

You don’t have to be into skiing or have the funds for a tropical midwinter break. There are plenty of amazing winter holiday destinations in New Zealand. Why not…

  1. Hike or bike up Mount Te Aroha then relax in one of the Waikato town’s mineral spas.
  2. Take in the heritage sights of Oamaru, followed by a visit to the Moeraki boulders, recently featured in Lonely Planet’s 50 Natural Wonders to Blow Your Mind.
  3. Explore the rugged Catlins coast, home to sea lions and yellow-eyed penguins, at the southern tip of the South Island.

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