Grilled Salmon with Rainbow Noodles

Serves: 4
Prep: 10 minutes
Cooks In: 10 minutes

Grilled Salmon with Rainbow Noodles

A simple grilled salmon dish with lots of colour and a lovely balance of Asian flavours. Perfect for a warm evening when minimal effort is required!


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  • sesame oil 2 teaspoons
  • light soy sauce 3 tablespoons (gluten-free if required)
  • lime juice of 1
  • rice vinegar 2 tablespoons
  • sugar 1 teaspoon

Salmon and rainbow noodles

  • purple cabbage ¼, finely shredded
  • carrots 2, shredded
  • red chilli 1, finely chopped (optional)
  • ginger ½ teaspoon finely grated
  • salmon fillets 4 x 120g
  • sweet chilli sauce 1 tablespoon
  • lime finely grated zest and juice of 1
  • soba noodles 270g dried
  • spring onions (scallion) 4, shredded


  1. Whisk all dressing ingredient together in a large bowl. Add cabbage, carrot and chilli to dressing and set aside to marinate while you prepare the rest of the meal.
  1. Preheat oven grill to 220degC/430 Fahrenheit. Lay salmon fillets on an oven tray lined with baking paper. Mix sweet chilli sauce, lime zest and juice and ginger together and spoon over salmon fillets.
  1. Grill salmon for 6-8 minutes or until just cooked through (I actually prefer my salmon ever so slightly under-done).
  1. Bring a pot of water to the boil and cook noodles according to packet instructions or until just cooked (be careful not to overcook the noodles, they should still have a bit of bite in them). Drain and rinse the noodles under cold water.
  1. Toss drained noodles with cabbage, carrot, dressing and spring onion.


  • To serve, divide noodles between plates and top with a piece of salmon.
Nutritional Information Per Serving
48.1 g
7.2 g
Total Fat
27.1 g
33.8 g