Christmas Pudding Ice Cream (in a cool Christmas ice bowl)

Serves: 8
Prep: 15 minutes + 8 hours freezing time

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream (in a cool Christmas ice bowl)

Use up left over Christmas pudding in the most delicious way – by combining it with vanilla ice cream to make this decadent treat! And even better, serve it in a stunning ice bowl (which is much easier to make than it looks)

Make sure the Christmas pudding is cold when preparing this – to ensure the ice cream doesn’t melt too much.


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Christmas Ice bowl

  • oranges 2-3, sliced 1cm-thick
  • Frozen cranberries
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • ice cubes lots

Christmas pudding ice cream

  • vanilla ice cream 2 litres (plain or French vanilla)
  • Christmas pudding 300-400g, cold
  • brandy, whisky or other spirit or liqueur ¼ cup
  • cherries 1 cup, fresh or tinned pitted cherries, drained
  • Fresh berries, to garnish (optional)



  1. To make the ice bowl, you’ll need two bowls: one large, and the other slightly smaller so it fits inside the bigger one with a 1.5-2cm gap in between. Make sure the big bowl fits in your freezer (or that you have enough freezer space cleared!).

  2. Start arranging orange slices, cranberries and rosemary sprigs over base and around the inside of large bowl – it helps to wedge some cranberries and rosemary in between or below the orange slices to help them stay in place.

  3. Place smaller bowl inside and continue to arrange orange slices, cranberries and rosemary in gap between the bowls – a wooden skewer or chopstick will help poke them down.

  4. Completely fill smaller bowl with ice cubes to help weigh it down. Using a jug, slowly pour cold water between bowls until level is 1cm from the top. Carefully transfer to freezer overnight (or longer) until frozen solid.

  5. When ready to use, take out of freezer and stand on bench for 10-15 minutes to thaw or until the inside of the bowl lifts away easily. Invert large bowl onto a tea towel to remove ice bowl – it may take a few minutes to fall out. Return ice bowl to freezer until ready to use (you can freeze it for a week or two).


  1. Leave tub of ice cream on bench to thaw and soften for about 10 minutes (but do not let it thaw completely). Break up Christmas pudding with a fork and drizzle with brandy.

  2. Scoop ice cream into a large mixing bowl and work it with a wooden spoon to soften a little, then roughly mix in the Christmas pud (and any remaining brandy) and cherries, working quickly. Spoon ice cream back into container and re-freeze for at least 8 hours until firm.

To serve, scoop balls of ice cream into bowls and garnish with a few berries if desired.

Nutritional Information Per Serving
31.4 g
30.7 g
Total Fat
20.8 g
5.2 g