Beef Recipes


From slow cooked stews, to burgers and quick-cook steak salads, there’s a different cut of beef for every style of meal. Sometimes the more humble cuts, like shoulder or shin on the bone, get overlooked. While I love a good sirloin, scotch or eye fillet steak, I also get very excited about the more economical cuts that come from harder working muscles, like chuck steak, rump, shoulder and shin. With the right recipe, like my Beer and Chipotle Braised Beef Tacos, they can turn into one hell of a gourmet meal. My number one tip for cooking steak is that you cook it from room temperature NOT straight from the fridge! And make sure you let the meat rest after cooking to let all those tasty juices re-asbsorb back into the meat, keeping it moist and tasty. Beef, like all red meat, is high in iron, zinc and B vitamins.