How to stay on track with your health goals this winter

How to stay on track with your health goals this winter

Get back on the horse and tick off those health goals

With the New Year a distant memory and all that tempting chocolate on display in the supermarket, motivation levels can start to dip with the arrival of cooler weather. To help you stay on track with your healthy living goals and maintain general good health well into autumn, we’ve asked two fitness and wellbeing experts from the NADIA community to help us get there in a realistic way.

Make the first move

“My first step would be to get realistic about what is achievable for you,” says Joelene Ranby of Resolution Retreats, New Zealand’s only residential weight-loss, health and wellness retreats just for women. “Setting the bar too high can create unrealistic expectations and set you up for a pattern of failure and guilt. Focus on changing one habit at a time.”

Set a goal

“You may already have a particular goal in mind, so ask yourself exactly why you want to achieve that goal,” says Sandro Mota, trainer and founder of STM Functional Fit gym in Cambridge. “This will help you decide how you are going to go about achieving that goal and also how you are going to stay motivated.”

Find your motivation

“Ask yourself questions such as, ‘Am I motivated to work from home or do I need external motivation?’ Or ‘Do I like to work outdoors but prefer exercising indoors?’” adds Sandro. “Once you have worked that out, find your tribe. Try different places and find the atmosphere that motivates you. If it doesn’t work, try again. Be open-minded and never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.”

Think progress, not perfection 

“Think of ‘health’ as a doing word and do some health every day,” says Joelene. “We have women change their outlooks entirely on health and wellness by making small, pragmatic changes that suit them and their lifestyle. They leave our retreats appreciating their body more for what it can do rather than what it can’t.”

Work it out

Get bored easily? Change up your routine with these motivating group activities that bring the fun back into fitness

Aerial yoga
A fusion of yoga poses and flying

A full-body, high-intensity boxing workout

Booty-shaking routines to banging beats

H+H Lifestyle retreats
Connect and move with like-minded yogis, both here and overseas (hello, Bali!)

Power Hooping
Weighted hoola hooping that trims and tones

Resolution Retreats
Women’s and couples’ wellness and weight-loss retreats

Shut Up and Dance
Learn to dance like Beyoncé!

STM Functional Fit
The ultimate fusion of exercise and nutrition, with high-intensity Tabata classes

Xtend Barre
A toning combo of dance, ballet and Pilates

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