Make your own kid-friendly Kiwi classics

Make your own kid-friendly Kiwi classics

Fish ’n’ chips at our local Rocket Park was our Friday night treat when my brother, sister and I were growing up in Auckland.

A few hours after getting home from school, we’d walk down the road to the park and burn off some energy on the swings, see-saw and climbing the mighty, towering rocket the park was famous for.


We’d then order some fish ’n’ chips from the local takeaway just across the road and wait very patiently with hungry tummies.


When our number was called out, we’d pick up the big, hot, newspaper-wrapped bundle and head back across the road to park up on one of the picnic tables.


Most weeks I’d get to invite a friend from school or the neighbour’s kids. There is nothing better than unwrapping a steaming package of fish ’n’ chips when you’re a kid – I can smell it now!


One thing we’d always do (unless someone forgot) is bring our own bottle of tomato sauce from home – that way, there was no risk of it running out before the chips did.


When we moved to Malaysia for a few years there was, sadly, no such thing as fish ’n’ chips.


So Mum, wanting to make sure her Kiwi kids continued to get a taste of home, would make fish ’n’ chips and wrap them in newspaper for us to enjoy on the lawn and we’d all pretend we were back home in New Zealand.


Mum would even give us a few coins to exchange as she handed over our fish ’n’ chips. Bless!


This healthy take on fish, fizzy and ice blocks is a fab project that kids will love to help with. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon or even a birthday party.

Special thanks to our models, Kaima, Syon, Kyla and Isaiah.

Photography by: Todd Eyre.

Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim

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