How to stay satisfied and happy in your job

How to stay satisfied and happy in your job

Employee engagement has become a key indicator of job satisfaction and wellbeing at work.

Here are the top 10 key drivers of engagement for the average organisation – does your workplace help you tick these boxes?
– This organisation is an enjoyable place to work
– This organisation cares about the wellbeing of its people

Feeling valued
– I feel my contribution is valued in this organisation
– My job gives me a sense of personal achievement
– I get recognition when I do a good job

Connection to the big picture
– There is a sense of common purpose in this organisation
– I have confidence in the senior leadership of this organisation
– I feel I am working for a successful organisation

– This organisation is interested in the views and opinions of its people
–  I am sufficiently involved in the decisions that affect the way I do my job

Try job-crafting

Feeling dissatisfied in your workplace? Talk to your employer about job crafting – the process of redesigning your job by changing your tasks and interactions with colleagues through three different methods:

  1. Alter the boundaries of your job by taking on more or fewer tasks, expanding or reducing the scope of tasks, or changing how you perform tasks.
  2. Change your relationships at work by altering the nature or extent of interactions with other people (eg you might opt for more hands-on, social interactions rather than using email as your primary form of communication).
  3. Cognitively change your job by altering how you perceive tasks (eg a hospital cleaner may view their work as a means to help ill people rather than simply cleaning) or thinking about the tasks involved in your job as
    a collective whole instead of a set of separate tasks.

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