Feijoas – why I love them and ways to eat them!

Feijoas – why I love them and ways to eat them!

Mmmm feijoas…..they’re one of my favourite fruits (and Bodhi’s too!).  I look forward to them every year and, when the trees are practically raining with these green gems, it’s time to get creative and find some new and exciting ways to make the most of feijoas. 

Delicious on their own, feijoas are a great snack just as they are, and they’re packed with loads of vitamin C, potassium and fibre. However, they’re also great in lots of different recipes (more than you can probably imagine), so if you want to make the most of feijoas, check out these recipes!

A feijoa smoothie is a nice after school snack for kids, or for adults of course. Here’s a great recipe with that delicious sour feijoa flavour along with some banana and yoghurt for creaminess and a little spinach.

feijoa smoothie

A great way to have feijoas on hand all year round is to poach them with spices then bottle them. This preserves their flavour for months to follow if stored correctly. These Poached Spiced Feijoas make a fabulous, simple dessert when served with ice cream, or have with your muesli or porridge for an extra-special breakfast.

Poached spiced feijoas

For a weekend treat, try these Feijoa Sauce and Oat Hotcakes. I love adding oats to my hotcakes as they provide great texture. With a sweet and sour feijoa sauce, and creamy Greek yoghurt dolloped on top, this recipe is sure to delight.

Feijoa sauce and oat hotcakes


If you’re keen to bake with your feijoas, give these Feijoa & Nut Mini Loaves, or Feijoa, White Chocolate and Ginger Muffins for a great lunch box filler. There’s also this epic Feijoa Crumble Slice you will absolutely love!

mini loaves


Feijoa crumble slice

If you haven’t tried feijoa ice cream before, you have to give my Instant Feijoa Ice Cream a go! It has that distinctive feijoa flavour, and doesn’t have any added sugar. If the weather is more suited to pudding, try this Feijoa and Blackberry Crumble, perfect for dessert on a cold night.

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