Check out our NADIA magazine paint makeover winner!

Check out our NADIA magazine paint makeover winner!

The Dulux Colours of New Zealand® paint makeover on this Mt Albert home is an on-trend nod to the Swinging Sixties.

Stephanie Liebert and David Mackie’s 1920s villa in Mt Albert, Auckland, pays a loving tribute to the sixties. With a vibrant turquoise kitchen dating back to that colourful decade, and immaculate green-patterned carpet that’s been walked on with care for so many years, the home is a true vintage gem – and the couple see it as their duty to keep it that way.

Stephanie’s winning entry in our Dulux Colours of New Zealand competition described her desire to keep the vintage feel in the lounge by choosing a beachy, sea-inspired colour palette of soft aqua that would complement the strong turquoise tones in the adjacent kitchen.

“I love the colour of our kitchen so I wanted to almost reflect that room,” she says. “We went for a paler shade of everything in the living room – it’s a much more toned-down version of the kitchen, yet the two are still connected.”

The colour the pair chose for their lounge is Dulux Colours of New Zealand® ‘Morison Bush Quarter,’ a soft mint green which makes the original rimu architraves, trim and ceiling details shine while still preserving the integrity of the 1960s decor. The window frames were painted in Dulux ‘Mt Aspiring Quarter’ (one of Dulux’s most popular whites), which provides a beautiful contrast to the green.

Stephanie and David settled on their perfect hue with the help of a Dulux Colour Designer, who worked with the villa’s existing colour scheme and furnishings. Here, we talk to Dulux about the process of selecting colours, and what was involved in this particular room makeover.

Where’s the best place to start when choosing a new paint colour for your home?

Start with the colours that already exist in the room – for example, the flooring, the benchtop or a piece of artwork. Look at the colour palette they create, understand what undertones you’re working with and build on your scheme from there.

We recommend ordering free large Dulux colour swatches online as a starting point. Blu-tack your colour swatch to the wall and look at the colour at different times of the day to see if it works in the room. If in doubt, you can purchase sample pots or book a qualified Dulux Colour Designer to come to your home to help you get it right (a fee applies for this service).

What was involved in the prepping process for Stephanie and David’s lounge? 

This was more involved than your usual decorating project. It was a restoration which included stripping back the old wallpaper (which had been in the room since the 1960s). A coat of Dulux Precision oil-based pigmented sealer was then applied before skim plastering the walls to even out the surface and get it ready for painting. The walls were then sanded back, given a coat of Dulux 1 Step Water-Based Sealer & Undercoat and then painted with two coats of Dulux Wash&Wear® low sheen in ‘Morison Bush Quarter’.

What aspects of the prepping process do you have to be particularly careful with to ensure the end result isn’t compromised? 

With any good paint finish, it’s only as good as the preparation underneath. After removing the wallpaper, it was vital to prepare the old surface well for painting. Having an expert painter (and plasterer) made sure Stephanie and David achieved the best result.

To get inspired, view the Dulux Colours of New Zealand range at

Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

Dulux NZ

Dulux NZ


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