Looking after your body

Looking after your body

NADIA magazine fitness expert Kat Stanley, of RedefinedU, encourages staying fit while treating yourself and your body kindly.

Looking after yourself can be a challenge, but loving the skin you’re in means balancing your exercise routine. This may include taking breaks when you need them or changing your usual form of exercise so you can keep active without getting bored or run-down.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t need to be done every day, but it is important for longevity and lasting health. If you need a break, have a rest day or a sleep-in or go for a walk instead of doing a big gym session. The next day you will feel more refreshed. Different personality types respond better to different kinds of exercise, so to help you find an exercise you’ll enjoy (which will make it easier to stick at) here are some different options to nourish body and spirit.

Sick of the office?

Get outdoors by walking, jogging or swimming. The beauty of swimming is that you can escape noise and other stimuli under the water and enjoy temporary weightlessness. Find a cause you are passionate about and enter a swim, walk or run for that charity. Knowing that you are making a difference is sometimes the best motivation to keep going when enthusiasm wanes. For a sense of camaraderie in the fresh air, find a local boot camp or, for extra encouragement, enlist the help of a mobile personal trainer.

Want more excitement in your life?

Find a new passion that incorporates physical activity. It doesn’t have to involve a ball or racquet; it could be strolling up and down the beach, hiking to a beautiful place to draw or paint, trying a dance class, roller skating, surfing or kayaking. Or adopt that puppy you always wanted and relish taking it for daily walks.

Want to stand taller. breathe deeper and have better sex?

Start Pilates. It targets your abdominals like no other exercise, improves flexibility, tones the pelvic floor – which can lead to better orgasms – reduces back pain and is easy on your joints. While focusing on moving breath and limbs together, your concentration will move away from work and other worries, meaning you will feel more relaxed and clear-headed afterwards. A study showed that people with backache who practised Pilates for just four weeks experienced more relief than those who visited a doctor or specialist. With a stronger core, other workouts become easier; you can swim better, run faster and lift objects with more ease.

Need a break from people?

Get fit around the home. Pull your blinds, find a booty-shaking YouTube clip and dance like no one’s watching. Or crank up some tunes and get cleaning. Work up a sweat by speed-vacuuming, mopping or washing your walls. If you’ve got no drive to hit a gym, tick off one area in the house on that to-do list. Once cleaned, it will give you great satisfaction. If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself, try an online restorative yoga class. This will provide a mental break as well as gentle movement.

Kat Stanley

Kat Stanley


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