Behind the scenes at NADIA magazine’s Healthy, Well-thy, Wise workshop

Behind the scenes at NADIA magazine’s Healthy, Well-thy, Wise workshop
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We share some snaps and insights into what we got up to at our first NADIA magazine reader event, our Healthy, Well-thy,Wise workshop. 


With our first birthday well and truly under our belt and summer on the horizon, we here at NADIA magazine decided it was high time we celebrated a fantastic year with our very first reader event – a ‘Healthy, Well-thy, Wise’ workshop at Auckland’s True Food and Yoga. The sunny Saturday afternoon saw 70 enthusiastic readers settle in for a four-hour session to help push play on the health button for the year ahead.

The day began with Nadia demonstrating her go-to Everyday Green Smoothie recipe. Not a fan of a spinach packed smoothie? Nadia swears by adding ginger and lemon for a little bit of zing and some pineapple for sweetness, which even had the sceptics in the room asking for more!

Our fitness expert and Nadia’s personal trainer mate Kat Stanley was on board to bust some body myths with our group (weight training will not make you bulky – hurrah! And you don’t need fancy equipment to get in shape – high five!). Our fitness session then got practical, with an elating 45 minutes of yoga guided by True Food and Yoga owner Kelly Watt.

The relaxing yet energising flow and guided meditation was the perfect way to wrap up the first half of our event and get the crowd ready for afternoon tea in the bistro. With bliss balls, pineapple, cacao and coconut slice, banana bread and refreshing kombucha we filled our bellies in preparation for the last hour of the day – a panel discussion with Nadia, Kelly and our resident naturopath Annaliese Jones.

No stone was left unturned when it came to discussing ways in which we can strive to become our healthiest selves – from hormones to health fads, sugar and supplements, everyone on the panel had something to say about getting the most out of our diets (hint: don’t diet!) and how to live a balanced life. Special thanks to our sponsors Dole, Royal Skin, True Food and Yoga and We-Ar for making our event possible and to all our incredible readers for getting so involved on the day.

Words by: Lucy Slight.

Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

Lucy Slight

Lucy SlightLucy is the associate editor of NADIA magazine.


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