A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

This year, why not take the pressure off by making time for yourself, your family and the simple pleasures in life? Three Kiwi women reveal how My Food Bag has helped them achieve their goals and take control – in the kitchen and out of it.

80% of My Food Bag Customers say they’re eating healthier*

A commitment to eating well and exercising regularly has seen mother-of-two Nicola Saunders lose an incredible 8kg over the past few months.Feeding her family healthy and nutritious meals is hugely important, and with My Food Bag she has not only been able to pack a vege-filled punch into dinner time, but her husband loves helping out in the kitchen, too. All in all, says Nicola, she is now a “less stressed mummy” with a calmer, healthier household.

“My Food Bag has given me the opportunity to introduce new veges and new ways of cooking with them – which has been great for getting the kids to try different things”


 72% of My Food Bag customers say they waste less food than before*

Rachel Turner and her family of four started My Food Bag for a number of reasons, including better food choices, ease of cooking on busy weeknights and being more conscious of their finances. “We’d done a budget and I was shocked at how much we were spending at the supermarket – and I was still cooking mince more often than I wanted,” she explains.Rachel now lunches on My Food Bag’s tasty leftovers most days, which satisfies her inner greenie as there’s less food waste. Plus, the family are spending less overall thanks to a reduction in supermarket trips.

“I think it saves us around $100 a week and I don’t have to toss a coin with my husband for who will do that hideous Sunday-afternoon food shop when we’d both rather be at the beach”

66% of My Food Bag customers say they’re eating more vegetables*

As working mum with twin girls, life for Amy Madden can be hectic. So being organised is key. The launch of the Express Bag has been a game-changer for Amy.She still enjoys the pleasure of cooking and learning new skills, but the pre-chopped veges, ready-made sauces and ingredients ready to throw into the pan mean she can have a nutritious dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. And it’s been ideal for getting the twins to try different meat and veges.

“It’s been hard to keep up with cooking when I can’t spend as long on it. But with Express Bag I’m more organised so I can still cook gorgeous meals without it taking up too much of my time – or sanity!”


* “How has My Food Bag changed your life?” survey, December 2016.

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