5 top tips for self-care

5 top tips for self-care

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, and a selfie obsession is not always the route to self-love. We take a look at some essential self-care tools to help you discover your true self (and take care of it). 

Naturopath and medical herbalist Annaliese Jones’ top five tips for self-care:

  1. Check in with yourself regularly. Are you happy with the state of your physical, mental and emotional health? If not, get working on a plan to change that.
  2. Spend time in nature. When was the last time you felt grass between your toes or watched the clouds for an hour? Connecting with nature is deeply grounding.
  3. Limit screen time to what is necessary. Put your phone on silent and turn off mail notifications so you can limit returning calls and emails to two daily sessions.
  4. Choose foods that nourish rather than harm you. If you come from a place of love for yourself this is easier.
  5. Treat yourself like your best friend. What would you say to your friend who works long hours and hasn’t had a holiday in a year? Take your own advice.

Annaliese Jones is a naturopath and medical herbalist with a Bachelor of Health Science and advanced double diplomas in naturopathy and herbal medicine.


Stay afloat with this handy NADIA magazine self-care tool 




Stay afloat

Try this trick to get a clearer idea of your values, and to take stock of areas of your life that may be out of balance. Draw the outline of a ship – it doesn’t have to be as detailed as ours! – and create compartments of various sizes to represent different areas of your life. Fill these with the people, places, hobbies and values that are most important to you, with your ‘essentials’ at the bottom to help keep your ship balanced.

When you are feeling stressed, check over your ship and notice where it may have sprung a leak, or where your load is unbalanced. Perhaps you have been working too much and neglecting your friends, or not spending enough time on hobbies you love. You can then focus on bringing those elements back into your life.

Illustration by: Pippa Fay.

Annaliese Jones

Annaliese JonesAnnaliese is NADIA magazine's resident wellness expert.


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