5 simple things you can do for your mental health

5 simple things you can do for your mental health

 While we’re constantly told about importance of looking after ourselves physically, tending to our mental health can often take a backseat. We take a look at five easy ways you can help build and nurture your mental health on a daily basis. 

5 simple things you can do for your mental health

By Jimi Hunt, mental health change maker and founder of Live More Awesome, official partner of the new Tauranga International Marathon.

1 Learn to meditate. It’s the number-one thing anyone can do to improve their mental health.

2 Get as much (safe) sun as you can during the week and on weekends. Vitamin D is a big contributor to your mental health.

3 Eat well. In the cooler months we tend to binge on things that aren’t great for us. Get stuck into some great broths and soups.

4 Walk for 30 minutes a day. It is an easy way to get your vitamin D intake, provides many health benefits and can be used as a form of meditation.

5 Get active. Set an achievable goal to work towards.


This originally appeared in the August/September issue of NADIA magazine.

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