3 essential wellness strategies from an expert

3 essential wellness strategies from an expert

Naturopath and medical herbalist Annaliese Jones shares her top wellness strategies.

Why meditate?

There are many benefits to meditation but one of the most valuable is mental clarity. Not only in day-to-day tasks, but also regarding your life’s direction and decisions. A friend of mine describes it like this: “Meditation is like having the most restful, restorative sleep of your life. You feel clearer and more productive for the entire day, yet you’ve only spent a few minutes meditating.” Try setting aside five minutes of quiet time, with no distractions, to focus on your breath and notice your thoughts. If you are a beginner, check out an app like Headspace for an easy guide to getting started, or try a community class.

Get checked

A common analogy I use in the clinic is: “We often look after our cars better than we look after ourselves.” We check all the moving parts, the oil and tyres. We get experts to look over our cars regularly to prevent future problems. But how many of us afford the same level of care to our bodies? We should. Regularly visiting health professionals for basic checks such as blood glucose levels, blood pressure, mole changes and thyroid function can serve as a ‘warrant of health’, picking up trends in the wrong direction before major malfunctions occur.

Take care

To be of service to others, we need to address our own needs. As mothers, partners, employees and friends, we often try to be everything to everyone and put others first. You may get away with this for a while, but at some stage your body will let you know that enough is enough. First, it whispers with niggly things; colds, tiredness, snapping at the kids. Then the message gets louder with weight gain, sleeplessness, sadness or anxiety. If we continue to ignore the gentler messages the body sends, eventually we’re hit with more serious health problems. Is your body trying to tell you something?

Annaliese Jones is a naturopath and medical herbalist with a Bachelor of Health Science and advanced double diplomas in naturopathy and herbal medicine.

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ANNALIESE JONESAnnaliese is NADIA magazine's resident wellness expert.


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